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With a Blackberry Playbook video converter, the Blackberry Playbook tablet can play any movie, video, or clip that you want–anytime, anywhere.

You’ll be able to do this in two ways:

  • Convert it right on your Playbook
  • Convert it elsewhere and move it onto your Blackberry tablet PC.

RIM isn’t kidding around with the Blackberry Playbook. They want to make a device that is super user friendly, with applications, accessories, and media abilities that rival not just the Apple iPad (which they certainly will) but also your home desktop computers and laptops.

Playbook Video Converter

Using the programs pre-installed on your Blackberry Playbook (or found in their Blackberry World application store) you can download videos and turn them into any format you want: mpg, mp4, avi, wmv, and even DVD.

This means that you can receive a strangely formatted video through your email or online and convert it on the spot to be able to watch it in a variety of formats.

This also means that when you take videos using the Blackberry Playbook’s 5 megapixel camera, you can format it into a number of different file types using the Playbook video converter.

Do you want to make a DVD of your video on your home computer? Then you can convert it to that kind of file type on the Playbook before you transfer it.

Do you want to make an mp4 of your video to play on your iPod or other portable media device? Then you can do that with the Playbook video converter on the spot.

Whatever your video conversion needs may be, the solution can be found by using the Playbook video converter. Or you can use something else.

Playbook Video Converter: External Software Conversion

There are a number of companies (not associated with RIM or Blackberry) that are already creating software that can be used with Blackberry’s tablet PC to convert video captured with it or video you want transferred to the Playbook.

The Internet is on fire with websites that offer these software packages. Companies from all over the world are scrambling to create the best software to be used with the Blackberry Playbook. And a lot of them are Playbook video converter applications.

This means that you can expect some really great Blackberry Playbook 3rd party accessories. And really, that’s where the true magic is born.

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