Blackberry Playbook Keyboard: How the Playbook Tablet Keyboard Works

Buying a Blackberry tablet? First stop here & learn how the Blackberry Playbook keyboard works & if you can dock the Playbook to a full-sized keyboard

There’s a lot of speculation going around about Blackberry’s tablet, including how the Playbook keyboard will operate.

A press release has been issued, touting the Blackberry Playbook’s most advanced features (and those that rival Apple’s iPad, or downright leave it in the dust), but some of the more pedestrian questions have yet to be answered.

One such question: what kind of Playbook keyboard design comes with the tablet and can you dock it to a full-sized keyboard?

Playbook Keyboard: Integrated Touch Screen

Even though Blackberry has always been proud to stand behind hardware-style QWERTY keyboards in the past, the Playbook keyboard will undoubtedly be a touch-screen system.

Like the iPad, you should be able to call up an on-screen keyboard at any time, and type your intended email, web address, sticky note, calendar date, or business document by touching the appropriate interface key on the Playbook’s large display screen.

A lot of people don’t like the on-screen touch keyboard because it’s hard to type very fast on them (it takes a whole lot of practice to keep from hitting two keys at once or hitting the right key in the right place) and it also lacks the satisfying click of a real keyboard, which helps you know just exactly when a key has been pressed and processed.

That being said, a touch-screen QWERTY keyboard has become the norm for modern smart phones and other smart devices (namely the iPad and the Playbook). This definitely adds to the sleek feel and look of a tablet.

As this isn’t a sliding device, you should certainly expect a touch-screen QWERTY keyboard, very similar to those found with iPhones and iPads.

Playbook Keyboard: As a Docked Accessory?

If you’re looking for an external playbook keyboard, this one at Amazon is your best bet.

There are two micro USB ports on the bottom, as well as an HDMI media port. Any one of these could be used to connect to a larger keyboard accessory, which would certainly make those touch-screen keyboard haters happy.

Like the true identity of the on-board QWERTY keyboard, the revelation of any dock-able Playbook keyboard accessories will have to wait until the Blackberry Tablet’s unveiling–or at least until the powers that be decide to let us in on some more of the basic details of the new Blackberry Playbook keyboard.

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