Blackberry Playbook Games: What Cool Apps & Games Are on the Playbook

What’s the question on the minds of potential Blackberry Playbook tablet owners around the world? This: what kind of Playbook games & apps will be available?

While tablet PCs and smart phones throughout the industry are claiming to be super useful for networking and business needs, we all know that everyone loves to play games on their portable electronic devices. Right now, Apple has the edge over all the competition. With their App Store, they give users access to over 25,000 different applications–most of them games. Even Android can’t compete at right now.

So the question is an important one: how will Playbook games compare to that of its rivals? Will they even have any games at all?

Blackberry Playbook Games: The Programming Frontier

While RIM (the designers of the Blackberry Playbook tablet PC) is saying that there will be plenty of games available, there’s no proof of that right now.

But why should there be? The thing won’t even be available to the public until 2011, so they don’t have to be ready to go with their application selection right now. But from everything they’re saying, we don’t have to worry about there being a lack of Playbook games.

One of the best things that Apple has done with the APP store is open it up to 3rd party designers. This means that people who don’t work for the Apple company can create their own software, like:

  • Business tools
  • Shopping guides
  • Calculators and converters
  • And, yes, games

Add on to that the rumor that RIM is partnering up with a very reputable video game company to create exclusive adventures for the Blackberry Playbook.

And do you want to add something else onto it? The new Blackberry tablet PC will allow you to create your own Playbook games on the device with a series of available programming tools.

Blackberry Playbook Games: The Future

What does the future hold for Playbook games? No one can tell. But we can certainly guess.

First things first: this tablet PC has to sell and sell well. People have to show that they are interested in getting the Playbook over the Apple iPad.

(Learn why they should: Blackberry Playbook vs iPad)

If this happens, if the demand for the device rises, then we could be looking at some of the best applications ever made for a touch-screen electronic device.

If the rumor that this reputable video game company is creating exclusive material for the Playbook is true, then we could be looking at some sincerely revolutionary portable gaming. This could be as good as a home console from PlayStation or Nintendo.

The truth is that we just don’t know yet.

But the future sure is looking bright.

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