Blackberry Playbook Docking Station: Best Dock for Blackberry Playbook

A Blackberry Playbook dock is one of many must-have Playbook accessories. Learn why a docking station for Blackberry Playbook tablets is a must-have.

What’s cooler than watching movies on a large, tablet PC in your lap? How about watching them from a Playbook dock?

If you’re thinking about picking up an iPad, but you’re just waiting until it gets cheaper, why not wait just a little bit longer and see if you’d rather have a Blackberry Playbook instead? In some ways, it is even better than the Apple iPad.

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The Playbook dock available for the tablet is multi-faceted, allowing for a variety of Playbook 3rd party accessories that can help you do things like:

  • Charging
  • Playing Music
  • Movie Watching
  • And more

Dock for Blackberry Playbook: Keep it Charged

As with the iPad and various other smart phones and devices, the charger for your Blackberry Playbook will become your best friend. Until the battery source for tablet PCs and smart phones becomes more powerful, you’re going to have to keep it charged whenever you aren’t using it. Watching movies, listening to music, and browsing the Internet are wonderful things to do, but they take up a lot of battery juice.

You’ll probably have a variety of charging options when it comes to the Blackberry Playbook. You’ll probably be able to connect a simple outlet wire, which is the most basic form of charging.

Playbook Docking Station: Media View

While your Blackberry Playbook tablet PC is charging on the Playbook dock, you should be able to listen to music with it (like a stereo) or even watch a movie on it (like an upright computer monitor or TV).

These days, portable electronic devices are all about mobility, versatility, and constant interaction. This means that the days of having to leave a charging device alone are over.

While your Blackberry tablet’s on a Playbook dock, you’ll be able to interact with it just as you could with a fully charged device.

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