Blackberry Playbook Covers: Reviews of Playbook Screen Protectors

You must buy a Blackberry Playbook screen protector! Read reviews of the best Playbook covers & shield your Blackberry tablet’s screen from scratches.

A Playbook tablet is a serious investment – but definitely a worthwhile one! This amazing tablet is the perfect sidekick to your current Blackberry and allows you to complete both business and fun tasks on a large, mobile screen.

While Blackberry phones are perfect for business, the Playbook tablet is ideal for business and games. After all, RIM has brought on Electronic Arts to develop games unique for the Blackberry tablet.

Benefits of Blackberry Playbook Covers

Considering you’re going to be using your tablet while waiting in every line, tossing it into a bag or purse, and leaving it on the kitchen table where the kids can get to it, you need to purchase a Blackberry Playbook cover.

Playbook screen covers and cases are a must have Playbook accessory for a few reasons:

  • They’re cheap
  • They will protect your tablet’s screen from all scratches
  • They are barely noticeable

Best Playbook Screen Protectors & Covers

Some of the best Playbook screen protectors and shields are made by ZAGG. ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD Playbook cases and screen protectors are backed by a lifetime warranty. Over 10 million InvisibleSHIELD iPhone 4 cases have been sold and ZAGG will definitely make the most popular & best Playbook screen protector.

What does the ZAGG tablet screen protector warranty cover? According to ZAGG, if it ever scratches, they will replace it for free!

Plenty of other companies will be releasing Blackberry Playbook covers & Playbook screen protectors in the coming months. Be sure to bookmark Playbook Cases and return when shopping for any Playbook accessories.

You can trust us here to give unbiased, honest assessments of all gadgets, covers, Playbook bags etc. Don’t waste your time or trust your money with reviews from anyone else. We’re the most trusted name in the Blackberry Playbook review market out there.

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One Response to “Blackberry Playbook Covers: Reviews of Playbook Screen Protectors”
  1. Nv says:

    Ya, Zagg is the best. Do not be fooled by the cheaper options that cost $10 or less. Just pay the $25-35 & get a product you won’t regret. Just having one scratch on a tablet or phone sucks. also, Zagg shields are very hard to scratch themselves. So unlike other screen protectors, they tend to look pretty good even when a couple years old. Buy any other brand & the screen might be protected but your device will still look ugly as the actual protector will be scratched! Definitely professional grade.
    P.S. Zagg shields are made from a urethane plastic the US military invented to protect helicopter blades…

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