Best Blackberry Playbook Car Charger: Reviews of Playbook Car Chargers

Discover the best Blackberry Playbook car charger & adapters and keep your tablet fully charged–and you entertained while sitting in commuter traffic.

Listen, we all know why we have a tablet. There are a few reasons, right?

  • They’re damn cool
  • They keep up entertained during boring waits in line
  • They have bigger screens than Blackberry’s or iPhones and can do cooler stuff

So, if you’ve purchased a Blackberry Playbook, you need to accessorize it with a car charger. There’s no way around it. Why would you want your Playbook tablet’s battery to die just from using it occasionally in the car?

And if you buy a playbook car mount or have anyone hanging out playing with your tablet while you drive, your Playbook is going to be dead when you want to use it the most.

It just makes sense to buy a Playbook car charger.

Best Blackberry Playbook Car Chargers

What’s the best rated Playbook car charger? Unfortunately, we don’t know yet because none have been released or announced. But you can rest assured that as soon as they are, we here at Blackberry Playbook Cases will immediately check it out and bring you all the nitty-gritty.

What should you look for in a Playbook Car Charger?

  • One that’s stylish
  • A charger that lets you know when your tablet is fully charged
  • A charger that turns off automatically when the car turns off so it doesn’t suck away your car’s battery

Like other tablet auto chargers, a Playbook car charger works by plugging one end into your car’s 12V power outlet (typically where the cigarette lighter is) and the other end is a USB cable that you plug into your tablet’s USB port or an end piece similar to your at-home tablet charger. If it’s the latter, it plugs directly into your tablet’s typical power charging dock/outlet.

Don’t be cheap and get caught with a dead battery when you want to use your Playbook the most. Buy a Blackberry Playbook car charger today. You’ll thank us later.

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