Genuine Leather Blackberry Playbook Case: Stylish & Safe Playbook Case

If you’re looking for one of the best, most stylish Blackberry Playbook cases, then look no further than this genuine leather carrying case for Playbooks.

Terrapin has designed a real winner with this form fitting, black leather Playbook case.

Not only does it keep your Playbook safe from any debris, scratches, dust, or anything else that might do it harm, but this Playbook carrying case is so slim, form-fitting, and look so damn good, that you shouldn’t consider any other carrying case for your Playbook.

Thanks to a securely fastened opening flap, your Playbook won’t accidentally slip out and fall.

But removing it manually is a snap! All you have to do is give the top ribbon a gentle tug and your Playbook tablet slides right out.

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Don’t miss out on this great Playbook Case by Terrapin!

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