Duragadget Blue Playbook Case: Soft, Neoprene Playbook Case

Sometimes a hard nylon Playbook case isn’t what you want. But DURAGADGET’s blue, soft neoprene, waterproof zip case is there for your Playbook case needs.

This water resistant, neoprene fabric prevents any rain, hail, sleet, spills, or snow from infiltrating your Blackberry Playbook.

Its lightweight, ergonomically comfortable design makes it easy to carry around wherever you’re going.

This Neoprene fabric Playbook case is a new material and design by DURAGADGET.

With a sturdy, nearly unbreakable zipper, you can quickly and easily snag your Playbook out. Plus, with an external zippered pocket, you can store any additional accessories you might need when out and about with your Playbook.

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