Blackberry Playbook vs iPad Tablet: Reviews & Specification Comparison

blackberry playbook vs ipadBlackberry Playbook vs iPad Tablet – Which is better? Read our iPad vs Playbook Spec comparison & honest reviews to learn who is the tablet king.

With so much time before the Blackberry Playbook release date hits (currently hinted to be Q1 2011 for the US and Q2 2011 for Europe), we can only speculate about which will be better in the Playbook vs iPad tablet comparison.

However, by specs can tell a lot. For instance, the Blackberry Playbook has 2 cameras, can record HD video, multitask, play Flash, is lighter, can tether… the list goes on.

The iPpad Tablet? Well, it has the App Store with over 25,000 applications designed specifically for the iPad, has 3G (and rumored 4G) capabilities, and has the sleek, cool feel of an Apple product.

Which is better in the Blackberry Playbook vs Ipad review debate? We don’t know yet, but based on tablet specifications alone, our best guess is that the Blackberry Playbook tablet is the better of the two.

Blackberry Playbook vs iPad Specifications

Tablet Reviewed Blackberry Playbook Apple iPad
Dimensions 5.1″ by 7.6″ by 0.4″ 7.47″ by 9.56″ by 0.5″
Screen Size 7 inches 9.7 inches
Weight 0.9 pounds 1.5 pounds
Thickness 0.4 inches 0.5 inches
Processor Two 1GHz Core Processors One 1GHz Core Processor
HD 1080p HD Video No HD Video
Resolution 1024 x 600 1024 x 768
Internet Connectivity Wi-Fi Only 3G Capability
Camera 3 MP Camera in front

5 MP Camera in back

Video Capability Back camera shoots 1080p video None
Applications Zero 25,000 (and still growing) IPad apps
Price Not yet announced… Probably $600-700 Begins at $499
Multitasking Yup Nope
Battery Life Not yet announced 10 Hours
USB Ports 1 MicroUSB None
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Adobe FlashPlayer 10.1, AIR and PDF PDF
Tethering Yes No
Video Out MicroHDMI VGA
Touch Screen Yes Yes

So, what do you think is better in the iPad vs Playbook tablet fight?

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