Blackberry Playbook Pink Snug Fit Hard Case | Blackberry Playbook Case

The Blackberry Playbook Pink Snug Fit Hard Case by Vangoddy is made for professionals that still have their princess side.

Best of all, not only do you get a case, but you get a screen cover too! It has a scratch resistant lining that will shield your Playbook screen from harm.

The hard case shell fits perfectly over any size Playbook. Thanks to its reinforced, second layer shell, this Playbook Case by Vangoddy offers protection for your tablet that other companies fail to.

With its water resistant material, you can rest assured that your Playbook will be shielded from rain, ice, snow, and any accidental spills.

Finally, thanks to a mesh pocket on the inside, you can store all your additional Playbook accessories and retrieve them easily.

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